Our Online Presence got Redefined: The new TCR Website

We have launched our new website and we are very excited to introduce you to our new look.  The refreshed TCR website coincides with our expanding role as a global leader in the metallurgical and inspection space. The simplicity and elegance of our design represent a keen intellect, one that is completely in sync with the world around and is– vibrant and forward-looking. The website is designed to convey a sense of dynamism and optimism.
The primary objectives of our website development effort were focused on aesthetics, simplifying our content, and increasing the visibility of our core offerings. Our new website provides a clear message of who we are, what we stand for and where our value lies when developing and delivering customized solutions for our clients. The website has a clean design, is intuitive and provides the seamless site-wide navigation system with improved menu functionality that directs you to the information most relevant to you. It is also fully responsive to mobi…

Unveiling the New TCR Brand Identity- Being Future Ready

We live and work in a new world that is rapidly evolving and changing. Just as people evolve, so do brands and companies.  TCR has grown and evolved over the years through our impeccable services, our unique culture and our incredible customer community.  The future beckons with tremendous opportunities and we felt it was time for a change. We have refreshed our logo to reflect who we are today and to embrace our future.  Our brand story embodies our new visual identity.  The new TCR logo is a dynamic representation that proudly headlines the vision we wish to pursue and all those we serve.  This new identity captures the essence of our brand and evokes a sense of what we stand and believe for.  The new logo has retained the iconic element of its legacy.